, BowTonic, Wood Tonic,, Arco Cantabile, Music Inventions, Vibrato Machine, Arco Rosso, L'Arco Nero are Trademarks of DaVid Pineda-Huezo.

DaVid Pineda-Huezo Workshop encompasses artistic restorations of violin, viola, cello (violoncello), double bass, bow rehair and restoration. Rental, Lease, Purchase, Atlanta, Georgia; Sarasota,Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Myers, Venice, Bradenton, St. Pete, St. Petersburg, Florida; Macon, Georgia; Jacksonville, Florida; San Pedro Sula, Honduras. DaVid makes specialty bows as wells as violins, violas, cellos (celli) and bass from his own acoustic designs and research inspired by the style of master makers.

Products are designed for bow cleaning, instrument cleaning and polishing ( violin polish ), learning vibrato. Workshop services bows for violin, viola, cello, bass and other bowed string instruments. Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass and their bows available for sale.

DaVid Pineda-Huezo, MUSIC INVENTIONS, Sarasota, Forida

(941) 227-6784